Posted 02.02.2021 at 12:03 AM

What is happening so far. I have been sick. Or more so I've lost my hearing in one ear which is causing me symptoms of being very very sick. What I have is called Sudden Hearing lost, or Sudden Deafness. That's when you lose hearing in one (or in some cases both) ear seemingly over night or over a few days. It causes tinnitus, vertigo and pain in one ear. The pain has gone but the vertigo and tinnitus is still very much there and going strong.

This can be temporary or permanent, depending on case. Sometimes it goes away on it's own, sometimes it needs steroids to help it leave, and sometimes its just something you have to live with. Usually it's misdiagnosed as an ear infection, that is why I thought it was at first. But with all the medication I was taking and there was no relief it became quite clear this was more than an ear infection. The problem is ER doctors didn't want to believe me.

Nothing I can do now I suppose. I am seeing a specialist now with help from an audiologist, who was kind and determined I have Sudden Hearing Lost. I'm getting better at standing up and moving around again without vertigo but the big problem I have is still turning my head. It still makes me very dizzy, so you can imagine drawing and being on the computer is very hard for me right now. But I am here trying to get back to my normal life. I need to get use to this, its been nearly 3 weeks so if my hearing was coming back on its own it would of been back by now.

I'm okay, I don't have COVID, you guys don't have to worry. I am prioritizing my health. I'm not doing art right now. I am just posting what I can. So thank you so much for the wait. I will try my best to post what I can from now on. But there may be some updates that are skipped. I have posted 2 pages to make up for the 2 weeks but I will not post the 3rd week. I am still on Hiatus so when pages run out they run out. I am sorry about that.

Well this is as much as I can tell you guys. I will let you know if there's anymore changes on my twitter. If you want timely updates that's where you can find them.