Intermission 26
Posted 09.22.2021 at 10:00 PM

That's it for the intermissions.

Now that I am no longer working an office job I will now be working full time on the comics again. That means I will be doubling the updates for Demon for Hire. Demon for Hire will now be updating twice a week on the website Tuesday and Thursday. On Tapas we will be updating once a week with two pages on Thursday. And Webtoon will be updating every 2 weeks with 4-page updates on Thursdays. 

But because I’m doing double updates I will no longer be doing batch updates like before. I hope you don’t mind the trade-off for more frequent updates. 

Here are the dates of when the comic will update and where: 

Website :: October 5th.

Tapas :: October 15th

Webtoon :: October 21st

This is an exciting and new journey I am taking. I would love to continue to be self-employed but I don’t know if I can keep this up forever. But for now, I can. If you want to support me I am adding new items to my Patreon tiers.

 I hope you will continue to support me by reading the series! 

Thank you!